We are a home based arts business based in beautiful northern Tasmania, just outside the small but very creative town of Deloraine. Jacque is an artist who specialises in sculpting, especially garden art figures. When not doing clay work, Jacque paints and quilts. John sells books and CDs, especially music by Tasmanian musicians, who, despite the fact that we have a recording studio in town, are too modest to make CDs. We can be found at the Deloraine market on the first Saturday of each month, starting in September. We are exploring other appropriate markets and venues. In the fullness of time we will be setting up workshops etc. so keep an eye on our blogspot for these and other ventures. Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and do contact us should you see anything you like, or if you should want any art materials.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Deloraine Market

Hello everyone. Just a quick post to let you know that we will be at the Deloraine Market this Saturday
(1st October), so if there are any art materials, gifts, greetings cards, CDs etc etc which you are in need of, come along and see us. Hopefully now that we have our 2 acre garden much more under control,and planted up with vegies, we should have a bit more time to keep our blog up to date. I particularly want the Events page to become more meaningful, and to update the photos on the Deloraine page. Incidentally, one of the photos (Moonrise over Quamby Bluff) got into the Examiner, and I won a poster size print of it. Looks great.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Up and running!

Well, we're just about settled into our new way of life, but as somebodies law states, our time is filling up fast, and will soon be overflowing, again! It is great working from home and we have been just as busy as when we were in the studio, but not committed to being tied to a place geographically or chronologically.

Jacque was busy as August closed, finishing a quilt for the Hoffman Challenge which is being run in Australia for the first time this year. It is being judged soon but winners won't be announced until the annual Tasmanian Craft Fair, at the end of October.
 As well as quilting and gardening, we have been busy setting up for our first market stall at the beginning of September. We had a great time (& busy time) at the market, and it was lovely to catch up with so many people we hadn't seen for months, and to meet so many new folk. We sold a lot of art materials and greetings cards which was great, but remember, we can order anything which anybody wants, just call us on
6369 5410 and we can get you what you want.

Jacque at the Deloraine market (first Saturday of the month)
The day after the market we went up the mountains to the opening of a new gallery. It is at River Willow Retreat on the Lakes Highway, Golden Valley, just up from the Tigerhill Cafe. Nick and Deb have done a wonderful job with the gallery, and all the very varied art works look superb. Well done you two!

River, Willow (aka Nick & Deb) & Jacque
It is a lovely spot for anything, let alone a gallery! It has beautiful views from the Great Western Tiers (the mountains for those outside of Tassie!) looking over  a valley, and Deloraine. In the near future Nick & Deb are going to be opening a tea rooms as well. What a trip out that would be. Jacque has a few of her paintings here, and clay works at Galendor Art & Essence in Sheffield . As I write this she is also putting some clay works (Anne & the Lava Lantern) into the Deloraine Creative Studios. They too are doing a great job, and it is fast becoming a great venue for art & craft and it also has excellent space for all sorts of workshops. Keep up the good work.

Well, that's about it for now. Thank you all for your continued support & warm encouragement. We really do appreciate it. Thank you too, for old mates who have got in touch through this Blogspot. It has been good to hear from you.

We will be at the Deloraine Market again on the first Saturday of October. If we don't see you before, see you there!