We are a home based arts business based in beautiful northern Tasmania, just outside the small but very creative town of Deloraine. Jacque is an artist who specialises in sculpting, especially garden art figures. When not doing clay work, Jacque paints and quilts. John sells books and CDs, especially music by Tasmanian musicians, who, despite the fact that we have a recording studio in town, are too modest to make CDs. We can be found at the Deloraine market on the first Saturday of each month, starting in September. We are exploring other appropriate markets and venues. In the fullness of time we will be setting up workshops etc. so keep an eye on our blogspot for these and other ventures. Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and do contact us should you see anything you like, or if you should want any art materials.


Here are some of Jacque's quilts, some of which are still for sale. Sadly, photographs seldom do a quilt justice, but if you like what you see, you can always come in here to "inspect" it, or contact us on bohemianarts@tastel.net.au

I can always tell when a customer comes in who is a quilter. They immediately go up to the corner of the quilt and turn it round to see how well the backing has been done!

A Shiswedo Quilt. Original Design.
The name of this quilt comes, not from a style or place, but from when it was made. While Jacque was making it, the Ashes cricket test match series was taking place and I was rather glued to the box. Hence the title. Say it quickly!

A Little Bit of Africa. Original design using a lot of African fabrics. Sold.
This quilt is now resident in Grenoch (a Deloraine aged care facility) with our dear friend Percy.

Highland Cathedral. Original design in crazy quilting.
This quilt was inspired from several sources: living in Scotland for a few years, "Highland Cathedral" being a favourite piece of music, and the blocks looking like stained glass windows in a cathedral.

Autumns Brilliance & Brightness. Machine pieced & quilted
with hand knotted embellishment.
There are 2 quilts in this pair, with just very subtle differences. The colours of autumn are many and various and each leaf goes through several changes. These quilts highlight several of those spectacular autumn colours.

Champagne. Original Design.
This quilt was made using the strata technique. This involves sewing long strips of fabric together then cutting out a variety of curved shapes. These shapes are then reassembled to make the patterns which you can see. The fabrics used were Hoffman Bali Pops & batiks for the top, and a McKenna Ryan daisy print batik for the backing.
Its cheerful bubbly brightness inspired the name.

Journal Covers
Jacque makes a variety of journal covers, but nearly always bright & cheerful. Prices vary depending upon the fabric and the size, but A4 size usually come out at around $40, and A5 sized at around $30. They make great presents and several have already headed off overseas.

Out of India. Original design. Sari silks. Sold
Jacque made this quilt from a bundle of scrap sari silks which she found, and then designed it based upon a Hindu festival in which paint is thrown around, colouring everything and running down walls etc.

The next piece is a very special square which Jacque made for the Alzheimers Association of Victoria, as part of a large quilt called "Making Memories".

Jacque's square was accepted by the association and was displayed in many parts of the state. Jacque's block even featured on the back page of the association's annual report!

Alzheimers Association of Victoria's Making Memories Quilt

Japanese Garden. Japanese silk, original design. Sold
Finally, for now, the next quilted object is one which Jacque made for me. It is a bodhran bag.

Bodhran Bag. Not for sale.
A bodhran is an Irish hand held drum, and Jacque used a selection of Celtic fabrics which she had collected over the years and from several countries, to make a bag for mine. It is a beautiful piece of work. I will have to play my bodhran more often so that I can show it off.

Well, that's it for the moment, but there are quite a few more quilts in the offing, so watch this space!