We are a home based arts business based in beautiful northern Tasmania, just outside the small but very creative town of Deloraine. Jacque is an artist who specialises in sculpting, especially garden art figures. When not doing clay work, Jacque paints and quilts. John sells books and CDs, especially music by Tasmanian musicians, who, despite the fact that we have a recording studio in town, are too modest to make CDs. We can be found at the Deloraine market on the first Saturday of each month, starting in September. We are exploring other appropriate markets and venues. In the fullness of time we will be setting up workshops etc. so keep an eye on our blogspot for these and other ventures. Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and do contact us should you see anything you like, or if you should want any art materials.


We have hundreds of greetings cards in stock, mostly imported from the UK, although some come from Melbourne, but are imported by the distributer. They are mainly "arts" themed, but there are quite a few botanical and garden themes. See for yourself on this page. Our prices are very competitive for cards of such quality.

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